Who We Are

Women In Automotive® Governing Board

Veronica Dunford

Chief Strategy Officer

Women In Automotive®

Gary May


Interactive Marketing &
Consulting Services

Kathy Gilbert

Chief Operating Officer

Women In Automotive®

Women In Automotive® Executive Board

Susan Givens



Scotty Reiss


A Girl’s Guide To Cars

Eliana Raggio

Chief Marketing Officer

Dealer eProcess

Bobbie Herron


The Bees Knees Automotive Agency

Audrey McKinley


Auto Network Consulting, Inc.

Joe Webb


DealerKnows Consulting

Andy Church


Dealer Solutions Mergers and Acquisitions

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Susan Burke

VP of Marketing


Beth Mach


Michelle McLain



Women In Automotive® Executive Steering Board

David Spisak


Disruptive Growth Solutions

Alex Vetter



Marisabel Cole

Network & Investment Manager
General Motors

Adam Arens


Patriot Auto Group

Danny Zaslavsky


Counry Hill Motors/VinCue

Charlie Vogelheim

Vogelheim Ventures

Mike Benavides


VIN10/DataOne Software

Our Mission

Recruiting, retaining, mentoring, and developing women in the automotive Industry, from entry level to executive.

Women In Automotive® was originally founded in 2014 and changed ownership in 2022. Under the new ownership, the organization is Board member led and operated. The driving force behind this chosen group of industry executives is a unanimous interest and belief in empowering, mentoring, and developing women in the auto industry. The philosophy is that these initiatives will benefit women, men, and the industry as a whole.

Who we are:

To empower and champion women within the automotive industry through the Women In Automotive®
Community, mentorship program, conferences, educational resources, and WIA Social &
regional events.

Women In Automotive® dedicates all efforts into helping organizations hire, develop, retain, and
promote women in every role, from entry level to executive. We partner with those that are like

As more women take on leadership roles in an industry that has historically been majority male,
it is paramount that this growing and powerful force has a support network that bolsters this
trend. This is not a mission we choose to accept. It is one we must.

Why A Women's Conference?

The industry focuses quite a bit on certain niche segments. There are conferences for any major theme in automotive such as digital, leadership, finance, marketing, sales, etc. These events serve as great platforms for discussion, debate, networking, and most importantly innovation. People who attend these events are pushed and challenged and filled with information on the changes and progress in those fields. They find themselves growing every year. So, the real question is… why not a women’s conference?

Women are an under-served population in this industry when it comes to those needs and having those platforms. There is significant growth in the number of women working in automotive and attending conferences and seminars. With women only making up 2.8% of all dealerships and only holding 7% of the managerial, sales, and service advisor positions, Women In Automotive® feels passionate about providing a place for women to come together to share and learn.

We want to provide an experience that discusses challenges, changes, opportunities for education, personal branding, and career paths. A first-of-its-kind conference serving women that make up all aspects of the industry, Women In Automotive® is a stepping stone to the greater growth of women in this space, especially in leadership roles.


Why Should Dealers Send Their Employees?

  • Scientific data is proving the effect women have on sales, sales management, and service advisor roles.
  • The value of this conference is OFF THE CHARTS! We have kept costs low with the purpose of making it possible for women to attend. The speakers, topics, breakout sessions, and educational opportunities far exceed the cost of sending their employees.
  • Developing the employees they find potential in can help motivate and drive the momentum of their departments.

What Makes Women In Automotive® Unique?

Outside the obvious reason, this conference was designed carefully by passionate women discussing the most important topics for this specific population. Speakers did not apply and speaking roles were not purchased. The agenda consists of important topics for women, how to overcome challenges, and invited guests to speak on chosen topics. This conference is 100% designed to help further the discussions between women, address challenges, continue to educate, and move our industry forward.

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