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A Place For Women In The Automotive Industry To Network, Share, And Learn

Women In Automotive® is committed to supporting and empowering women in all aspects of the automotive industry, and aims to serve as a stepping stone for the greater growth of women in automotive leadership roles.

Why Join Women In Automotive®

  • Network with some of the most influential women in the automotive space at our value-packed (and affordable) events.
  • Uncover your potential and crush your goals through community and mentorship aimed at serving women.
  • Contribute to the discussions that effect growth for women in the automotive industry.

Our Mission

Recruiting, retaining, mentoring, and developing women in the automotive industry, from entry level to executive.
Women In Automotive® is driven by our passion to boldly enable growth and empowerment for women throughout the industry.

What Is Women In Automotive®?

Women In Automotive® (WIA) is an organization dedicated to the advancement and advocacy of women in the automotive industry.
WIA recharged its focus in 2022 when it was acquired by industry leader, Veronica Dunford. The organization became Board led and operated after the acquisition.
Through partnerships with dealers, industry allies, and OEMs, we champion women in the industry through community, education, mentorship, and networking. With an annual conference and multiple regional events bursting with inspiration, we continue to grow and expand the role of women in the automotive industry.

What We Offer

From TED talk style shorter sessions, exciting panels with leaders in the industry, to interactive and engaging sessions, the Women in Automotive® Conference is bound to be an experience to be remembered (and repeated)!


Carefully crafted agenda to educate and inspire participants in all areas of the automotive industry.


The opportunity to learn about other journeys in the automotive industry.


Networking events create an atmosphere of fun and togetherness.


Inspirational and Educational Keynote Addresses from diverse industry professionals.

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