Our Mission

Recruiting, retaining, and developing female employees and leaders in the automotive industry.

Women in Automotive was founded by six industry female leaders in partnership with JKR Advertising out of Orlando. The group is particularly interested in empowering and developing women in the auto industry. The philosophy is that this benefits both the women and the dealerships and will help facilitate the training and hiring of more females in dealerships.

What is Women In Automotive?

Want to be inspired to begin or advance your automotive journey? This conference presents a united, strong and empowering message that there is a place for Women in Automotive!

Dealership Owners, HR Personnel, Salespeople, Service Writers, Administrators, Marketers and anyone else affiliated with the automotive industry will come away from this event with new information to help them further their careers, as well as those of their female counterparts.

What We Offer

From TED talk style shorter sessions, exciting panels with leaders in the industry, to interactive and engaging sessions, the Women in Automotive Conference is bound to be an experience to be remembered (and repeated)!

Informational and empowering breakout sessions to educate and share

The opportunity to learn about other women's journeys in the automotive industry.

The opportunity to learn about other women's journeys in the automotive industry.

Inspirational and Educational Keynote Address from diverse industry professionals

Cocktail receptions and networking events and meals for onsite conventions and events

Carefully crafted agenda to educate and inspire women in all areas of the automotive industry