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Women In Automotive In The News

Calling All Men and Women in the Automotive Industry!

Want to be inspired to begin or advance your automotive journey? This conference presents a united, strong and empowering message that there is a place for Women in Automotive! Dealership Owners, HR Personnel, Salespeople, Service Writers, Administrators, Marketers and anyone else affiliated with the automotive industry will come away from this event with new information to help them further their careers, as well as those of their female counterparts. There’s Something for Everyone! Want to be inspired to begin or… Read more »

News: October 4, 2018
World Automotive Conference in Istanbul highlights women’s role in industry

The 5th World Automotive Conference (WAC) 2018 kicked off in Istanbul yesterday. The event brought together prominent figures of the global automotive industry and shared the latest developments in the sector, from artificial intelligence (AI) to the “internet of things” (IoT). The two-day event also highlights the increasing role of women who shape the automotive industry, which does not perform well in terms of female employment. In 2018, women accounted for only 16 percent of the executives in the top… Read more »

Press: September 26, 2018
A family unites to build a dealership group in Washington state

Being a car dealer was “not even on the radar” for Shannon Harnish as she was growing up, she tells Automotive Buy Sell Report. But the family business beckoned. Now, Harnish, president of Harnish Family Auto, a dealership group in Puyallup, WA, has just finished some tumultuous years of winding down franchises and acquiring new ones. Through it all, the importance of unity stood out. “Our slogan is Harnish Auto Family, and I feel blessed that our family is such… Read more »