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Established in September 2001, the GM Women’s Retail Network was the first of its kind in the automotive industry.  Through this GM initiative, a dedicated GM staff was identified to work to increase the number of female dealer operators, managers, and employees within the GM dealer body.

WRN’s vision is to be the industry leader with a dealership population that mirrors our communities by increasing the number of women as dealers, managers and employees within GM dealerships and to become the transportation company of choice for female consumers.

WRN’s goal is that women GM dealers will meet or exceed the operational effectiveness of the overall GM dealer body.

WRN offers all GM women dealers the opportunity to participate in all-women dealer 20 Groups in partnership with NADA 20 Groups.

To qualify as a dealer member of the GM Women’s Retail Network, a woman must have a minimum ownership investment of 15% AND be contractually named as Dealer Operator per the General Motors Dealer Sales and Service Agreement.  There is no ethnicity requirement or fees associated with membership in WRN.

To qualify as a WRN affiliate or manager member of WRN, there are no ownership, ethnicity requirement, or fees associated with membership. Affiliate or manager members must be employed in a General Motors dealership.