The 700Credit 2018 4-part Educational Webinar Series Proudly Presents:

Last quarter we kicked off our new Educational Webinar Series with our first topic: How to Read a Credit Report. The response and participation was overwhelming – thank you to all who joined!

Our second quarter webinar is scheduled for June 5 & 7. The topic is “The Benefits of Multi-Bureau Pulls: Fund the Best Deal for your Customers”. Recent studies have proven that dealers who pull more than one credit score on consumers have higher closing ratios and gross profits than dealers who pull only one score. In a recent study 55% of applicants with 2 credit bureaus pulled have risk scores that vary by more than 20 points, and the variance increases to over 30 points when all three scores are pulled. This implies the possibility of your customers qualifying for better rates on the majority of your deals!

In this session, we will discuss the statistics and walk through real-life testimonials of how dealer’s like yourself have greatly benefited from pulling multiple bureaus during the funding process. We will also discuss how you can make multi-bureau pulls work for you.

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June 5th – 11:00 am EST

June 7th – 2:00 pm EST