Sparking Conversations on Social Connections

June 8, 2021

Social Media has without a doubt changed the landscape of consumer and personal interaction. Through this social evolution individuals, employees, employers, and companies alike have had to continually readjust and reenvision what it means to represent themselves and effectively engage with their audience. Join us as we bring social experts to discuss the ever evolving landscape and increasingly important medium to both personal and professional development of social media and all its latest updates.

Sparking Conversations on Customer Engagement

July 13, 2021

Customer engagement is a driving force in the Automotive industry. While the customers haven’t changed, how they engage, shop, purchase, and stay connected has evolved. This past year brought considerable changes and challenges to the consumer experience and buyer journey. Understanding how to truly connect with a customer will supersede any environmental, political, or even pandemic shift in customer behavior. Join this incredible group of consumer-first minds as they delve into some timely topics to help you build customers for life. You will leave inspired and informed on how to build strong customer loyalty, navigate the “female-friendly” conversation, and how to develop a women-focused advertising message.

#IamRemarkable Virtual Workshop

July 27, 2021 - 1:00pm EDT (90 min)

Women In Automotive and Google Presents: #IamRemarkable Virtual Workshop Sponsored by Google Inc.

Join over 800 global and local companies that have implemented #IamRemarkable in their organizations. Help your employees feel motivated, connected and confident, while encouraging them to celebrate their achievements.

Sparking Career Development, Allyship, and Mentorship

August 10, 2021 - 1-1:45pm EDT

In the last couple months, we talked about the rapidly changing current environments and the need to rethink the way we lead through crisis and challenging moments. We also discussed the biggest issues facing women and the industry today. We cannot be leaders and influence change alone. This virtual event will focus on the importance of career development, mentorship, finding an ally, among additional topics. How do you define a path for yourself or for your team? How does mentorship apply at every stage in your career? Where can you find an ally and why is it important? Join us as we Spark Conversation about the intentional planning of careers, along with finding mentors and allies.

Sparking Conversations on Leadership Evolution

September 14, 2021 - 1-1:45pm EDT

What does leadership look like today? As agents of change, we feel it is important to highlight great leaders to hopefully enlighten and inspire attendees to take those nuggets and create change yourselves! Join us as we tap into the experienced minds of our brilliant presenters as they share their career paths, how they have created other leaders, and innovative measures to recruit women to this space. You’re not a leader… yet? No problem! Our speakers will also share how to spark buy-in for a women-supported (and women-focused) workplace from the top down!

Sparking Conversations on Technology and Mobility

October 12, 2021 - 1-1:45pm EDT

One thing in Automotive is certain. Technology is changing every second and it impacts us as an industry. Join our brilliant speakers as they “get nerdy” and share the latest in the technological evolution of electric and connected vehicles, AI technology powering test drive, marketing technology advancements, and so much more! This session is bound to be jam packed with a fun and exciting look into the world of technology and all that lies not so far ahead.

Sparking Conversations on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

November 9, 2021 - 1-1:45pm EDT

We can all agree that this hot topic needs to be addressed. Now! What lessons have we learned in the past year or even decade? How do we ensure that our workplaces and team cultures are speaking to these important matters of diversity and inclusion? Women in this industry understand that we are made up of many different groups of women from varying backgrounds, challenges, and needs. Join us as we bring qualified experts and experienced voices to help us examine and contemplate these concepts, challenge our mindsets, and help us put plans into our workplaces, teams, and even our personal lives.