Tara Rego

  • Director of Automotive Sales & Strategy
  • Spectrum Reach

Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, automotive has always been close to Tara Rego’s heart.  At 18, Tara left Flint for the US Army, where she served in Germany, Bosnia, Ft Drum, NY, Somalia, Haiti, Ft Lewis, WA, & Guantanamo Bay. After leaving the Army, Tara started attending school in Seattle, Washington. During her job as a waitress at one of the hottest Happy Hour clubs in the area, a customer conversation led to a life-changing career change. A group of men sat in Tara’s section one night, and while serving them, she made the consistent and very successful effort to upsell them the entire evening. At the end of the night, one lone gentleman was stuck with the bill and shook his head. She asked if there was an issue with his check, and he said, “No, but if I had one salesman here tonight that was as good as you, I wouldn’t be sweating this check.”  With curiosity, Tara went on to ask him what he did for a living, and it turned out he was a sales manager at a local dealership.  The next day she had an interview at that same dealership, and since then, she never looked back.

After making a move to the automotive industry, Tara took on various roles within dealerships. She spent the first six years selling cars. Later, she moved into the finance department, eventually becoming the Finance Director. It didn’t stop there! Tara later became the BDC Manager, then a New Car Manager eventually transitioned into Used Car Sales Manager, then promoted to General Sales Manager and finally a General Manager.

Much of this time was spent with the Feldman Automotive Group.  At Feldman, Tara was known as what the owner of the dealership called a Utility Player.  She was good at so many different positions that they could literally drop her into any store. Tara was a Plug & Play.

Known as a problem solver and knowing this trait about herself at the end of the day, after spending over 20 years working in dealerships, Tara wanted to follow what she saw as a revolutionary space in advertising… digital! More specifically, Data and Auto Dealer advertising.

In 2015, Tara left the dealership side and made the switch to the vendor side. Today, Tara works exclusively with the automotive category as the Director of Sales & Strategy at Spectrum Reach. Here she leads the efforts to grow relationships with auto manufacturers, agencies, and dealer groups across the whole organization. Tara and her team use data every day to align the right solutions to their automotive clients to ensure they have an effective advertising campaign.


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