McCeil Johnson

  • Vice President, Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance
  • University of Phoenix

McCeil Johnson is a woman for all seasons. McCeil’s core competencies reflect an amalgam of domain expertise acquired through 20 years of professional experience gained in the areas of compliance, diversity, and legal affairs. McCeil enjoys the process of knowledge acquisition new experiences. McCeil prides herself on being a servant leader who enjoys helping others achieve their professional goals and ascend to new heights. McCeil is a native of Des Moines, Iowa. McCeil pursued her quest for knowledge and scholarship at the University of Iowa, where she earned a BA, and an MA and JD from the University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts, and College of Law, respectively. McCeil is currently the University of Phoenix’s Vice President, Accreditation & Regulatory Compliance, providing leadership and management of the University of Phoenix’s institutional and college-specific accreditation and regulatory initiatives, including institutional, programmatic, state boards, and other regulatory functions.

Prior to joining the Regulatory and Compliance team at the University of Phoenix, McCeil served as the Chief Legal Officer & Executive Director of Legal Affairs for National Louis University, where McCeil was responsible for the management of all legal affairs initiatives.


Alongside this, McCeil enjoys helping organizations achieve compliance and works as a higher education consultant. One of McCeil’s most significant achievements thus far is leading a university through a state-regulatory review for a 37-city marketing bus tour and bringing 26 online programs in various states into compliance.

McCeil is a gifted speaker and storyteller who seamlessly weaves life lessons, personal experiences, and professional development experiences into words of wisdom that inspire and empower upward movement.  She is available for consulting, professional coaching, and motivational speaking sessions.




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