Mabel Peralta

  • Sales Consultant
  • Ramsey Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM

Mabel Peralta has had a love for automotive ever since she sat in her first Volvo 242 at the age of 4.

Ms.Peralta decided to put that love and passion into her first career transition in 2014 that took her from a cubicle in corporate America and into a dealership as a marketing assistant for both Volvo and Aston Martin and eventually to the showroom floor. Along her journey she was one of the recipients of the “Every Woman Award” by Truecar in 2019.


In the earlier part of 2020, she transitioned once again from Volvo to CJDR as a way to further expand her customer reach. She continues to be a mentor and friend to anyone in the industry. Prior to joining the automotive industry, Ms.Peralta worked at Futurebrand (a division of McCann-Erickson), Getty Images, Knoll Inc and Bed, Bath and Beyond corporate.


Ms. Peralta has a degree in photography and spends most of her spare time in the Hudson Valley NY area with her friends and her cat, Kittah Smalls.



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