Jeff Elhart

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Born and raised in Holland, Michigan I met my junior high school sweetheart in 7th grade and have been married to her, my wife Cherie, for 41 years.  I have two sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law and a new granddaughter.

Graduating from General Motors Institute prepared me for my career.  My family provided me the opportunity to follow their hard work and stewardship to the community by following their footsteps in owning and operating our family automobile dealership, Elhart Automotive Campus in Holland, Michigan.  After battling depression for a relatively short period of time, my brother and business partner Wayne succumbed to depression by suicide on March 27, 2015.  My brother’s written message found 16 months after his death read, “Family and friends, this depression has gotten the best of me.  Please don’t blame yourself as it was me.  Please help others overcome this illness of depression.  God, please use me to help others.  Signed Wayne.”  It was this event and Wayne’s wishes that formed my life mission today.

Serving on the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention Executive Committee, the With One Voice coalition for the state of Michigan suicide prevention, the Ottawa County Suicide Prevention Coalition and the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan keeps me active as an advocate in this field.  My mission has also prompted me to write a book called be nice. – 4 SIMPLE STEPS To Recognize Depression and Prevent Suicide.

My purpose is to use my God given talents to provide for a loving family unit, operate an exceptional automobile dealership, mentor others, serve others in like interests and to passionately promote mental illness awareness and suicide prevention education throughout communities including K-12 schools, colleges, businesses, churches, veterans, retirement communities and other special interest groups.  My big plan is to equip over a half million people in the automotive industry with the life improving and saving program and book be nice. – 4 SIMPLE STEPS To Recognize Depression and Prevent Suicide.




  • Be Nice. Save a Life.

    Today’s mental health epidemic has grown to impact nearly everyone, but statistically since COVID, more than 40% of us in this country are stricken with the silent disease of depression.  Given the silent nature of this disease, are you equipped to recognize it in your family and your workplace?  This training will provide you with […]