Stragegic Vision, Inc.


Alexander Edwards has been President of Strategic Vision, Inc. since 2010, and is responsible for the overall course and direction of the company.  In addition to developing future leadership and setting managerial targets, he oversees all operations and executive-level client development. With vast experience and expertise, he is recognized as a leading industry expert in automotive research and is frequently quoted in news outlets such as USA Today, Automotive News, and the Associated Press.  In addition, he is frequently a guest speaker at various industry conferences.

Alexander Edwards is also a key developer of tools used to measure decision-making, human behavior, attitudes and perceptions.  As a long-term experienced researcher he directed operations and provided support for a number of advanced clinical qualitative projects and studies.  He is also instrumental in creating the foundational support for large quantitative studies like the New Vehicle Experience Study (NVES).

Alexander Edwards formerly was design/systems team leader of Delight and Opportunity (DAO) software, a ground-breaking computational model used to present and maximize product and content analysis as related to user experience.  He was an integral part of Strategic Vision, Inc.’s worldwide growth in international consultancy for products ranging from Coca-Cola to national and international governments as well as in the development of the qualitative aspect of automobile research and development.

Alexander Edwards is heavily involved in the local San Diego area with such programs as speaking and participating with local youth groups to encourage their active citizenship, supporting local schools by providing internships and raising funds for school improvement.