Business and Life Strategist

Business and Life Strategist, Gary Coxe is internationally recognized for his life changing programs. His mission is to help others live an extraordinary life through fast, lasting transformations of the mind. Gary is a best-selling author of books such as “Don’t Let Others Rent Space In Your Head”, and has been featured in articles in Success magazine, Selling Power as well as many other national newspapers and magazines.

He and his work have been featured on numerous programs including: The View, Inside Edition, Fox & Friends; and you may have seen him recently, as a regular, on Dr. Phil’s show, The Doctors.

Gary has experienced more tragedy in his first twenty-one years of life than most people will ever experience in their lifetime. He uses these experiences to relate to others and teach them how to overcome and thrive. With his peak-performance programs, he hopes to build a greater awareness of everyone’s individual capacity to be more completely in control of their emotions, feelings, and results. These are the most powerful drivers in the quest for success and happiness as we move toward our goals.