Cars Her way


Lisa Copeland is an International Keynote Speaker, Television Personality, I Heart Radio Host of” Cars Her Way talk show”, Best-Selling Author, Podcast Host, regular Fox Business automotive contributor, Award Winning Sales Expert, and Former Automotive Dealer Principal.

Lisa works with automotive dealers and auto manufacturers worldwide to help them better understand the female consumer and create traditional and digital marketing strategies that appeal to the number one influencer in the world HER! Lisa is a leading expert and advocate for female consumers. Her call-in show on I heart radio airs on Sundays where she and her co-host Chris Martinez help women navigate the “murky” waters of car buying. Her latest book “Buying Cars Her way- Don’t go to the dealership alone” is a practical guide for ALL consumers to take charge of their car buying experience.

With over 30 years of proven success, Lisa Copeland is a dedicated pioneer in the field of automotive sales and brand strategy, coaching hundreds of businesses and speaking to sold-out audiences. In 2015 Lisa’s was named one of the Top 100 Women in the Automotive Industry and has won the Walter P. Chrysler Award for Sales and Service Excellence and her success story has been featured in prominent publications including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Marie Claire, Fox Business and Bloomberg.