Mills Motors, Canada

Blended Work Yoga and Digital, Traditional Marketing and dealership Business Development

Brenda manages Digital, Traditional Marketing and Business Development for a single store dealership in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Mills Motors is the closest dealership in proximity to General Motors of Canada, and its specialization is TRUCKS: light duty, heavy duty and custom trucks with lift kits and eye-catching wheels and tires. There are eleven other General Motors dealerships within 20 minutes of Mills Motors, so the market is highly competitive. Creativity and attention to detail are key to staying ahead of the curve.  For the last few years, Mills Motors has been the largest volume General Motors truck dealer in Canada.

Brenda has a degree in Computer Science – Bilingual from Glendon College, York University, but she honed her skills in Customer Service during the breakup of the telephone monopoly as a Trainer in Customer Relationship Management.  Recognizing her blend of logical and empathic skills, Brenda flourished in the role by attracting larger business accounts to the dealership for one-stop sales and service maintenance and repair.