Annie Meehan

  • Professional Speaker/Award-Winning Author

With an enthusiastic delivery guaranteed to inspire, enlighten and energize, Annie Meehan mesmerizes audiences with a clear message that spurs listeners to break counterproductive patterns. As a widely embraced international speaker, she has helped legions transform themselves from a life of ‘muddling along’ to one of sustained focus that showcases success after success. As an expert on living an Exceptional life, Meehan will be the catalyst to motivate your audience members to obliterate any and all roadblocks that stand in their way. Countless testimonials reveal the “wow” factor that Meehan creates at every presentation, which in turn catapults participants to adopt the practical tools she champions for more impactful lives both personally and professionally.


With a client roster that boasts corporations, associations, and non-profit organizations, Meehan provides actionable strategies to strategically manage change, recognize the enormous

power of words in person-to-person exchanges, and eliminate long-held excuses that keep people from attaining their goals. Her passion and charismatic essence engage people in new and exciting ways, which ignites people to seize a more enriching and fulfilled path forward.


Prior to becoming a professional motivational speaker, Meehan worked for a financial investment company for nine years, where she compiled 5 promotions in male dominated workplace. After leaving the corporate arena, she ventured into the entrepreneurial realm where she owned and operated two franchise locations and built a successful direct sales team of 250+ people. It was then Meehan began touting the message of health and wellness. Meehan is a National Speakers Association (NSA) member and past president of the NSA’s Minnesota chapter. She has earned the highest distinction as a CSP- Certified Speaking professional


She is the author of five motivational books, including her award-winning “Be The Exception.” Her latest book, “Pineapple Principle,” offers hospitality  a sweet journey to exceptional Customer Experience. Today her passion is to share H3 Cultures with companies to create a Healthy, Hopeful and Happy workplace that retains an engaged workforce!


Meehan has three adult children, and she lives in a Fort Myers Beach, FL with her husband and two dogs. She loves volunteering in the community, traveling with family, and walking (or being walked) with Peanut and Leo.

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