Shifting Gears in the Auto Industry

Tanya: The auto retail industry plays a significant role in the US economy. It really has made great progress in attracting and retaining women. But it has a lot of room to grow.

Melinda: If you think about the female customers walking into a dealership, women make about 65% of the auto purchases today. We should have a much bigger say in the industry.

Jordan: When I first started in my automotive career it was really difficult for me to walk into a room and be the only woman in that room. Chase was the only place I could look and see diversity. And that was really important to me.

Tanya: Chase Auto is doing a great job of attracting more women into the space by having women leaders like Melinda Welsh who’s head of our marketing area as well as our direct business.

Melinda: We’re really putting our money where our mouth is, we’re designing some of our new programs with women in mind, which I think is very missing in this industry.

Tanya: Dealers have to adapt and so do lenders, mainly because our consumers expect it.

Caitriona: Being in the auto industry forever, you know, 24 years, it’s amazing to see all the changes that go on. You have to be customer-obsessed, you kind of just have to show exceptional service out there.


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