Sparking Innovation and Inspiration Today

Anese Cavanaugh IEP Method Creator, Speaker, Author, Culture & Leadership Game Changer
Anne Francis Vice President, Development /Step Up For Students
Bobbie Herron WIA Board Member and CEO & Founder /The Bees Knees Automotive Agency
Chip Perry CEO & President /A2Z Sync
Elgie Bright Northwood University, Professor, Department Chair, Automotive Marketing/Management /Northwood University
Kathy Cunningham Founder and President /Advanced Marketing Strategies
Natalia Giner Head of Product /A2Z Sync
Scotty Reiss WIA Board Member and Founder /A Girls Guide to Cars
Steve Zabawa Co-Founder /WebBuy
Vylet McCrory Assistant Manager in the Dealer Retail Channel of Customer Care and Aftersales /General Motors

We’ve discussed many important, timely topics in this series. We’ve listened, we’ve challenged, we’ve networked, we’ve even been inspired to be a part of the change. Where do we go from here? As individuals and members of a larger automotive industry, how do we challenge ourselves to continue these conversations and truly influence change? Join us as we wrap up our first Women in Automotive, Sparking Conversation series to discuss our next steps. You’ll leave informed, engaged, and absolutely inspired.