Sparking Diversity and Inclusion Conversations in the Workplace

Amy Byrne Executive WIA Board Member and EVP, Chief Human Resources and Communications Officer /CDK Global, Inc.
Cheryl Thompson Founder and CEO /Center for Automotive Diversity, Inclusion & Advancement
Evelyn Chatel Evelyn Chatel, Women in Automotive Board Member and General Manager /West Kendall Toyota
Kathy Gilbert WIA Board Member and Senior Director, Minority Dealer and Women Retail /CDK Global, Inc.
Marisabel Cole Dealer Network & Investment Manager (Florida, Caribbean) /General Motors
McCeil Johnson Vice President, Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance /McCeil Johnson, J.D.
Scotty Reiss WIA Board Member and Founder /A Girls Guide to Cars
Sherri Dublin Director Employee Engagement /CDK Global

We can all agree that this hot topic needs to be addressed. Now! What lessons have we learned in the past year or even decade? How do we ensure that our workplaces and team cultures are speaking to these important matters of diversity and inclusion? Women in this industry understand that we are made up of many different groups of women from varying backgrounds, challenges, and needs. Join us as we bring qualified experts and experienced voices to help us examine and contemplate these concepts, challenge our mindsets, and help us put plans into our workplaces, teams, and even our personal lives.