Fireside Chat: CONTAGIOUS CULTURE show up – Set the tone while intentionally creating a company culture that thrives!

Anese Cavanaugh IEP Method Creator, Speaker, Author, Culture & Leadership Game Changer
Kathy Cunningham Founder and President /Advanced Marketing Strategies

Kathy chats with Anese Cavanaugh. Clients say Anese “builds creative leaders,” “gets people having honest conversations,” “brings love back into corporate,” “deprograms robots to humans,” and “unlocks potential.” From taking her organization, Advanced Marketing Strategies, through the book Contagious Culture, Kathy can attest that Anese’s methods are transformational — not only professionally but also personally. Anese and her IEP Method® (Intentional Energetic Presence®) will help you unlock the 5 Steps to optimize your intentional impact on your company culture, your career, and your life!

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