Martin Kia General Manager aims high in the dealership world

Wadette Bradford is a “gearhead”. As a high school student in Tuskegee, Ala., she took an advanced mechanics class as her elective. And in English class?

“I would always write my essays about high-performance super cars,” Bradford tells Automotive Buy Sell Report.

It was only natural then, that she would end up in the car business. As General Manager of Martin Kia in Bowling Green, Ky, Bradford is leaving her mark on the dealership and the industry at large. She has now set her sights on owning her own franchise.

“The deal has to pencil,” says Bradford. “It has to be the right opportunity, and there are so many variables. Whenever it happens I am ready and prepared for it.”

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2 thoughts on “Martin Kia General Manager aims high in the dealership world

  1. Great story and I was very fortunate to be in the room with Ms Wadette Bradford in Miami during NAMDA this past July. Ms. Bradford is moving mountains and paving the way for women in the automotive industry!!

  2. As a straight white male i have full confidence in this lady if she can do one single thing, have the salesmen BACK OFF! I have been to Martin’s before and they jump on you like animals, who likes that?

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