Knudtsen Chevrolet tailors recruitment message to achieve diversity

Eve Knudtsen, who has a degree in automotive marketing from Northwood University, was working for General Motors in Detroit when she realized that her true calling was selling cars. She returned to Idaho to work at her family’s Chevrolet store. But being a woman, and the owner’s daughter, created some doubts among the long-time sales staff.

“They thought I was just going to hang out until I found a husband,” says Knudtsen. “[But] in my mind, I was always going to take over.”

Dealerships have long been bastions of male employment. That has slowly begun to change, but women at the top rung in dealerships are still a relative rarity. There are some great role models out there, however, such as Eve Knudtsen. She is now a champion for more diversity in dealerships.

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