23 Oct 2017

Inspiring a More Positive Culture

Passion, Motivation and Performance

Have you ever seen anyone that is truly passionate about their work or cause? Many start-up companies begin with contagious passion to achieve their mission/vision and goals. Their passion and actions create positive emotions in those around them and it is amazing how this inspires motivation. Motivation, development and support can inspire performance. Performance can propel individuals and organizations to higher levels and goal achievement! Examples such as Amazon come to mind. On the other spectrum are the more mature companies such as those that are in the 100 Top Places to Work. You don’t have to be one of these companies to inspire a more positive culture to achieve goals and to propel growth.

Inspiring positivity in organizations and auto dealerships is an essential step in the process to increase diversity, performance and growth! Teaching students and individuals to look for employers with similar core or organizational values is another important step.

As a leader or a job applicant you may want to consider asking this question; Who are we (I) and how do we (I) want to be known?

Martha Rader, PhD Professor Keiser University
Rader Coaching, Training & Consulting, LLC

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  • Tina December 11, 2017

    Hello Martha Rader. Do you have anything going on in Henderson NV or Las Legas NV. I worked as an Auto Technician for Hertz Rent A Car, at Lax in Los Angeles, CA, in 1980’s. Only Mechanic Female at the time. Is there any retraining fresher course with pay programs for a 61 years of age, or a light weight position available with the knowledge I have retained ?.


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