Industry veteran Tammy Darvish at Capital Automotive is helping dealers expand

Tamara Darvish – Tammy – is back in automotive retail. As the chief operating officer of Capital Automotive Real Estate Service Inc., Darvish is deeply involved in the buy sell world, she tells Automotive Buy Sell Report.

“With the cost of land, labor, materials, and blue sky continuing to increase, we have been very busy this year,” she says.

CARS, as Capital Automotive is usually known, purchases 100 percent of a dealership’s real estate including the land and the building and leases it back to the franchise owner. The firm, based in McLean, VA, is on track to handle close to $300 million in acquisitions in 2018, a 76 percent increase on 2017.

While most of its acquisitions are auto dealerships, it also acquires RV and motorcycle dealerships, with a concentration in the southern and midwestern U.S. It has properties in California, says Darvish, “but not a lot of activity.

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