18 Apr 2018

HGreg marketing exec helps dealership group expand culturally and geographically

Soledad Gonzalo has always been very focused on work, even as she became a mother of two. After the birth of her third child, however, she took four years off going into an office to concentrate on the work of being a mother.

When she looked to work for a company again, the marketing veteran decided on a position as regional marketing director with HGreg.com. Based in Florida, HGreg.com sells pre-owned vehicles using an online-offline sales structure. Gonzalo saw that as the future of the industry. But there was more that drew her to HGreg.

“Not only is HGreg growing immensely and really quickly,” Gonzalo tells Automotive Buy Sell Report, [but] “they saw the value of my experience even though I had taken some time off. When I was looking to go back to my career, they were one of the few who realized I had valuable experience.”

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