Diehl family oversees growing auto dealership group

The Diehl Auto Group acquired a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership in Salem, Ohio in June of this year. It is the group’s fifth Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram store, though not all are operated under the Diehl name.
Corina Diehl

Corina Diehl, president of the dealership group, shared one of her buy sell strategies with Automotive Buy Sell Report.

“If I buy a store, (acquiring) the real estate is mandatory with the purchase because the real estate you sit on, (you can) control your rent,” she says. “It is absolutely something I look at.”

The Group owns the real estate at all eight of its locations.

Diehl Auto Group, based in Butler, PA, has been expanding steadily since Corina Diehl began running it in May of 2007. At that time, it consisted of a Toyota franchise and a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram store, both in Butler.


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