13 May 2016

Creating a personal social media brand to sell more cars

Published in Automotive Buy Sell Report
sponsor_automotiveBuySellReportCustomer loyalty is something every dealership desires, and what the most successful dealerships inspire. General Motors has found that women customers are more loyal than men.

“If we treat [women] right, they can be that customer for life,” says Celeste D. Briggs, director of the Women’s Retail Network and of Diverse Dealer Programs in General Motors’ dealer development.

Dealerships are now competing on customer experience, and part of that experience is making their dealerships as woman-friendly as possible. That starts with having women working at every level in a dealership. GM’s Women’s Retail Network is helping make that a reality, and hopefully making dealerships more profitable.

“There is a lot of apprehension about buying a car and having it serviced,” Briggs tells Automotive Buy Sell Report. “If I can go to a place where they are concerned about me as a person that is a place where I would like to spend my money.”

The Women’s Retail Network helps women prepare to…

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