As one of the original members of, Alex Vetter has helped shape the company from its initial concept into a leading online automotive destination, steering the organization’s growth strategy while serving in a variety of executive roles. Vetter took the reins as Chief Executive Officer and President of in November 2014, following the tenure of founding President Mitch Golub.
In his role, Vetter assumes a wide range of responsibilities, including overseeing the company’s strategic direction, business development and financial performance, as well as daily operations and product development. Under Vetter’s leadership, has grown to over 1,300 employees that serve every local market in the United States. He has operated in nearly every capacity at, spanning product development, customer service, training, operations and sales. Through his work, Vetter has helped establish a vibrant local marketplace for cars, enabling e-commerce activities with more than 20,000 retailers and every manufacturer, all whom connect with site users on a daily basis.
Vetter is also an active technology investor and sits on the boards of several digital technology companies, including, a leading marketplace for service and repair.