David Spisak is currently the President/CEO of ReverseRisk, a web-based analytics program used by dealers to help manage their operations. David founded ReverseRisk in 2008 and sold it to Reynolds and Reynolds in 2016. He has worked with the owners of many leading groups to help them use data to optimize their performance and evaluate acquisition opportunities.
David also has 27 years in retail automotive management where he ran single point stores and large groups. He was the operator at Smythe European, a Mercedes-Benz dealership, that generated $23.7M in net profit in a single year, the record for the most profitable dealership anywhere in the US. This record may still stand today. Smythe European also achieved an industry low 3% employee turnover, #1 rank in fixed ops gross profit and top 10 in used cars and F&I.
Later David joined AutoNation where he was responsible for managing a $2.3 billion, 35 store region with over 3,500 associates. He won AN’s top honor for guiding his market to becoming the highest perming in the entire country.
David’s front line experience and work with groups of varying sizes has given him a unique perspective on what works today in our industry, how conditions are changing, and what leading dealers are doing to prepare for the future.
David has been invited to present to over 100 20 Groups in addition to hundreds of privately owned dealerships and groups.