An entrepreneur with a background in advertising sales, management and a few online start-ups, Christy Roman has a unique perspective on advertising as it pertains to automotive and the Internet. Her claim to fame was developing and monetizing the Partnership Program (now the Premium Program) dealer initiative at, which turned them into a classified advertising powerhouse – and now generates hundreds of millions of dollars. She is also the founder of Women in Automotive, which provides events and training designed to empower women in the industry and help dealers hire and retain women as employees. Past roles include ad agency owner and business development; sales and management for newspaper and cable advertising; piloting the one-time AOL Time-Warner multi-media cross-selling initiative; Regional Sales Manager for Who’s Calling, and consulting for television stations to help them develop online revenue streams. She sold the automotive division of Now Marketplace, Inc. in 2014 to form a new company with JKR Advertising called Now Digital, Inc. The digital agency continues to be a one-stop shop for dealers and local businesses wanting to maximize the Internet as an effective form of advertising.