19 Sep 2018

At Principle Auto the focus is on people

Abigail Kampmann is all about people, taking care of them, that is. References to that are woven into a conversation with the co-founder and CEO of Principle Auto Group.

“Our key to success has been great people,” Kampmann tells Automotive Buy Sell Report.

Based in San Antonio, TX, Principle has seven franchises at six locations. The franchises include Infiniti, Volvo, Mini, and two BMW stores in Texas as well as Toyota stores in Tennessee and Mississippi.

In 2014 Kampmann’s father split his dealership group between Kampmann and her brother. She received a Toyota store in Memphis, TN, BMW-Mini of San Antonio, and Volvo of San Antonio.

Those stores were the basis of Principle Auto group, which Kampmann founded along with Mark Smith, a fellow Texan and classmate in the Harvard Business School’s annual Young President’s program. Smith had previously worked for Dallas-based Sewell Automotive Cos. Smith is president and COO of Principal Auto. Tony Chase later came on board as an investor.

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