25 Apr 2016

Adding to a dealership’s value through helping the community

Published in Automotive Buy Sell Report
sponsor_automotiveBuySellReportWhen the Hoffman Auto Group acquired BMW of Watertown last October, it sent out a press release announcing the change and introducing the new management. That included a photo of five members of the Hoffman family—all male. A female customer sent a letter to the Group asking why there weren’t more women in management.

“I was thrilled,” says Susan Lane, manager of corporate reputation and community outreach for the Hoffman Group.

Lane manages a team that handles all social media for the Group, including answering all comments or questions from consumers. She also contributes to the planning and decision-making team for Hoffman sponsorships, then works with the sponsored organizations building the partnership and maximizing exposure for both the auto group and the organization.

While it may seem tangential to selling cars, a dealership’s image can be at least as important as pricing when it comes to the bottom line. Having a person handle those functions is crucial to a dealership’s long-term value.

The note from the woman concerned about the apparent lack of women in management was…

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