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November 26, 2018


8:00a - 9:00a  

Coffee| 8:00a - 9:00a

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9:00a - 9:10a  

Welcome| 9:00a - 9:10a

Welcome & Announcements
MC: Eliana Raggio Director of Industry Relations | Digital Air Strike
MC: Charlie Vogelheim Principal | Vogelheim Ventures
Opening Keynote

9:10a - 9:40a  

Opening Keynote| 9:10a - 9:40a

Research on Women in Auto: It’s Time to Reshape the Narrative
As an educational research group, we have been doing work with automotive students in our community. Through sponsoring automotive builds and taking kids to racing events, we have been doing research to understand how their automotive education prepares students for careers. Our research showed that young women in these programs saw a narrow set of examples of how women could participate in industry. This discrepancy served as the impetus for our study using in-depth interviews with adult women across industry to learn how educational factors like mentorship and professional development impacted their career. Though we heard many stories about the challenges of being a woman in the workplace, we also heard advice and personal traits that helped women achieve their professional goals. In this time of #MeToo and #TimesUp, we feel our study is not only relevant but provides data and actionable steps that people of all genders can take to better support women who are entering industry.
Panelist: Anna Cechony Research and Accessibility | foundry 10
Panelist: Arabella Bautista Programs and Operations | foundry 10
Panelist: Lisa Castaneda Co-Founder and CEO | foundry10

9:45a - 10:15a  

Keynote| 9:45a - 10:15a

Women Working in The Dealership
Brian Maas and Bob Smith, leaders of the two largest dealer trade associations in California, will discuss the evolving role of women in California dealerships. From dealer principals to salespersons to automotive technicians, women increasingly have a role to play in the success of dealerships in our state in the 21st century. What was long viewed as an industry that was exclusively male is being transformed into one where women have equal opportunity to achieve their career goals. And with changes in employment laws and practices, dealership workplace culture is transforming to ensure that the workplace culture reflects the values that our society demands and our law requires.
Brian Maas President | California New Car Dealers Association
Bob Smith Executive Director | Greater Los Angeles New Car Dealers Association

10:15a - 10:20a  

Award| 10:15a - 10:20a

WAAI Lorraine Schultz Spirit of Leadership Award
Video Break

10:20a - 10:25a  

Video Break| 10:20a - 10:25a

NADA Video Break

10:25a - 10:45a  

Keynote| 10:25a - 10:45a

Unlock Inclusive Marketing
Organizations of all kinds are increasing their efforts on diversity and inclusion in order to attract top talent and connect with a broad range of consumers. This session will share some of the key lessons learned in Microsoft's journey to make D&I a core pillar of our culture, our product design, and our marketing. I'll double click on tips to build an inclusive culture based on my many years building women's employee resource groups and share some lessons learned as a female senior leader in technology. I'll also discuss how expanding the definition of D&I beyond traditional categories can give your company a competitive edge.
Lynne Kjolso VP of Sales | Microsoft

10:45a - 11:00a  

Break| 10:45a - 11:00a

Coffee Break
Fireside Chat

11:00a - 11:30a  

Fireside Chat| 11:00a - 11:30a

Ignoring the Rules and Building a Dream Career
How Marcy Carsey became a Hollywood powerhouse, created her own opportunities and built a dream career in a male-dominated industry.
Host: Scotty Reiss Founder | A Girls Guide To Cars
Guest Speaker: Marcy Carsey Emmy Award Winning Television Producer | Carsey-Werner Productions

11:30a - 11:50a  

Keynote| 11:30a - 11:50a

Let the Rubber Balls Bounce
"It's time to have an honest conversation about balance. As CMO of Silvercar by Audi and mother of two girls, Amber Quist wants to talk about why we're not setting ourselves to be successful, happy or thriving if we believe that we can "have it all". In this session, we'll explore how the quest of gender equality is bigger than the boardroom; the role other successful women can play in helping or hindering our quest for balance; and why we're responsible for the way others show up.
Amber Quist CMO | SilverCar (Audi)
Interactive Keynote

11:55a - 12:15p  

Interactive Keynote| 11:55a - 12:15p

YouTube Interactive Session
Kelly McNearney, Senior Automotive Strategist at Google, will host a YouTube break during lunch. She will show videos that perform well with women audiences and share new Google data on behavioral trends for women on YouTube. Spoiler alert: viewership of business videos is outpacing viewership of beauty videos with women audiences!
Kelly McNearney Senior Auto Retail Strategist | Google

12:15p - 1:00p  

Lunch| 12:15p - 1:00p

Video Break

1:00p - 1:05p  

Video Break| 1:00p - 1:05p

NADA Video Break
Welcome Back

1:05p - 1:10p  

Welcome Back| 1:05p - 1:10p

WIA Board and Emcees
MC: Eliana Raggio Director of Industry Relations | Digital Air Strike
MC: Charlie Vogelheim Principal | Vogelheim Ventures

1:10p - 1:30p  

Keynote| 1:10p - 1:30p

FitBiz- Tracking Your Dealership Fitness One Step at a Time
Health professionals agree that moderate activity is key to achieving better overall physical and mental health. Fitness trackers allow us to monitor that activity in real time, prompting us to adjust our behavior and meet our fitness goals. In this session, we will look at how we can adapt these concepts to track activities within our dealerships, make immediate adjustments, and motivate ourselves and our team members so that we may achieve our dealership fitness goals. Join us for this fun analogy of the hottest fitness phenomena and the retail automotive environment. By incorporating fitness tracking principles, you can take steps to improve your overall dealership fitness and achieve your goals.
Edie Wines Instructor Academy | National Automobile Dealers Association - FitBiz

1:30p - 1:40p  

Award| 1:30p - 1:40p

NCM & Keiser University Scholarship
Q & A Panel

1:40p - 2:20p  

Q & A Panel| 1:40p - 2:20p

Women Dealer Panel Q & A
Four dealership executives will share how they got started in the car dealer business and share their personal journey to executive level leadership and ownership.
Moderator: Michelle Primm CEO | Cascade Auto Group
Panelist: Cheri Fleming | Valencia Acura
Panelist: Corina Diehl President/CEO | Diehl Automotive
Panelist: Cherie Watters CFO/COO | O’Gara Coach Companies

2:20p - 2:40p  

Keynote| 2:20p - 2:40p

Putting Intention behind Charitable giving
Individuals and organizations alike enjoy participating and promoting charitable giving, but how does one cultivate a culture of giving back? Anyone can write a check, but it takes a true leader to engage and inspire their organizations. In this fireside chat, Carolyn and Subi discuss how a small retail dealership became one enveloped in charitable giving. They hope to inspire and provide ideas and examples of successful charitable culture both internally and externally. Carolyn’s motto: “The more you put out, the more you get back”.
Carolyn Olavarria General Manager | Honda of Downtown Los Angeles
Subi Ghosh Senior Director of Dealer Strategy | Stream Companies

2:40p - 3:10p  

Keynote| 2:40p - 3:10p

Speed Networking
Sponsor: eMentor Connect
Moderator: Subi Ghosh Senior Director of Dealer Strategy | Stream Companies
Video Break

3:10p - 3:15p  

Video Break| 3:10p - 3:15p

NADA Video Break

3:15p - 3:45p  

Keynote| 3:15p - 3:45p

Our Journey with Bertha Benz
August 1886: It’s an early summer morning and Bertha Benz (wife of automobile inventor Karl Benz) steps forward to tread where no man (or woman) has gone before… kicking off what would become one of the most ground-breaking events in automotive history – the first road-trip. During her 66 mile adventure she faced numerous challenges…not the least of which included a complete lack of infrastructure for operating a motor vehicle. No roads made for automobiles, no fuel stations, no repair shops and the fact that motor vehicles were actually illegal for road use only added to the adventure. In spite of all these challenges, Bertha Benz successfully completed her journey, setting in motion an industry which would change the world. Her ground breaking effort is a guiding principle for Mercedes-Benz both in the US and around the world as we support the “reshaping” of our industry into one which embraces the power of diverse values and skillsets.
Bart Herring Director, New Car Sales and Volume Planning | Mercedes-Benz

3:50p - 4:20p  

Keynote| 3:50p - 4:20p

Just Eat The Burrito. It Could Save Your Life
Joni Stuker is a notable figure in the Automotive Industry, spending the last three decades consulting dealership owners and automotive manufacturers on processes and techniques to maximize their performance. As the president and founder of Owner Connect, which provides automotive dealerships training and resources to grow and improve their businesses, Joni has become a force within the industry. Along with Owner Connect, Joni Stuker is a four-time speaker at the renowned National Auto Dealer's Association (NADA) Conference - finishing in the top 10 of 100 speakers during 2016 NADA Conference. She has consulted for NASCAR, conducted hundreds of training events, and is the author of her autobiography, Eat The Burrito. She is also a founding member of Women in Automotive. As a female climbing the success ladder in a male-dominated industry, Joni has faced her share of adversity- from overcoming bias to a near-death car accident that threatened to take everything she worked for. Through it all, she has never lost her sense of humor. Joni's mission is to be an example of resilience and determination to women and entrepreneurs everywhere.
Joni Stuker President and Founder | Owner Connect
Closing Remarks

4:20p - 4:30p  

Closing Remarks| 4:20p - 4:30p

WIA Board and Emcees
MC: Eliana Raggio Director of Industry Relations | Digital Air Strike
MC: Charlie Vogelheim Principal | Vogelheim Ventures
Cocktail Party

4:30p - 7:30p  

Cocktail Party| 4:30p - 7:30p

Cocktail Party