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– Ballroom 408 A/B (West Hall, 3rd Floor)
– Technology Pavilion (Networking Reception)
Meal / Reception
Workshop Tracks:
Dealership Strategies & Tactics
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
Personal Development

Day 1 - December 15, 2019

Registration Opens
9:00a   4h   Registration
Pre-Conference Networking
10:00a   1h   Thought Leader Roundtable Networking Session
Join us for a lively networking, discussion Q & A session with our round-table Thought Leaders and Host Tony Dupaquier Director, The Academy and our seven thought leaders on these topics: Leadership, Social Media Strategies, Mentoring, Dealership Marketing, Podcasting, How to find, reach & measure net new auto shoppers and Emotional Intelligence.
Moderator: Tony Dupaquier Director | The Academy
Panelist: Jill Trotta Vice President (GM Industry), Sales, and Marketing | RepairPal
Panelist: Robin Wilson CEO | SCP AGENCY
Panelist: Nancy Wolk Principal | eMentorConnect
Panelist: Julie Kimes Marketing Director | ODaniel Automotive Group
Panelist: Kathy Cunningham Founder & President | Advanced Marketing Strategies
Panelist: Melissa Burrow Author/ Executive Coach and Life Strategist |
Panelist: Patrica Pidgeon Senior Director of Product Marketing | Spectrum Reach
Pre-Conference Networking
11:00a   1h   #IAmRemarkable Interactive Session
Sponsored by Google - A Google-based initiative empowering women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond.
Lissette Gole Head of Industry, Automotive Retail | Google
1:00p   15m   Welcome Day 1
MC: Eliana Raggio Director of Industry Relations | Digital Air Strike
1:15p   20m   Finding Athena: Current Female Leadership and Developing our Female Leaders of the Future
Finding Athena: The qualities we possess as women make us uniquely capable of leadership yet the environment has taught us to hold back and play it safe. This is a session about tapping into your inner power and lifting not only yourself but those around you.
Thomais Zaremba Director of Automotive | Google
1:35p   20m   Preparing Your Teams for the Future of Retailing
The key to a successful omni-channel experience is in your people strategy.
Candice Crane People Strategist | Crane Automotive Resources
1:55p   20m   Need a Mentor? Swipe left, swipe right!
#mentoringworks #notyouraveragematchingmaking
Nancy Wolk Principal | eMentorConnect
2:20p   5m   Northwood University Women in Automotive Scholarship
2:25p   20m   Millennial Opportunity Seekers – Next Generation Leaders
You hear about millennial employees - Lack of Drive, Zero Loyalty, and No Direction -- Well. I get the tremendous opportunity to interact with the next generation of Automotive Leaders every day. This conversation captures my observations of the future of the automotive industry at Northwood University:
Elgie Bright Automotive Marketing Chair | Northwood University
2:45p   20m   Work Life Balance: How to Excel in Your Career While Making it Home for Bedtime
Join ACV Auctions VP of Human Resources, Jill Ball and Central New York Region Territory Manager Jennifer Linder for a discussion about how they combat the challenges associated with breaking the glass ceiling in the automotive industry while maintaining healthy relationships at home with their families. After this fireside chat, we hope you take away a renewed confidence in what it means to be great and tips to implement work-life balance in your own day.
Jill Ball VP of Human Resources | ACV Auctions
Jennifer Linder Territory Manager, Central NY Region | ACV Auctions
Moderator: Christy Roman President | NOW Digital
3:05p   10m   Colors on Parade Scholarship
3:15p   20m   Career Growth
In this presentation, Brooke Skinner Ricketts, CMO of, reflects on the creative, exciting, challenging, and really hard fun ride that has been and continues to be her career. She discusses the intersection of career growth and personal growth and shares the top lessons she has learned from mentors and friends along the way that have fueled her growth.
Brooke Skinner Ricketts Chief Marketing Officer |
3:35p   20m   Ensuring Dealership Growth & Stability in a Down Market
In my session, I will show you how to strategically allocate resources and build a solid foundation for your dealership so it can quickly adapt and remain profitable in times of economic uncertainty.
Michael Trasatti CEO | Dealerbuilt
4:35p   10m   2019 Lorraine Schultz Spirit of Leadership Award
4:45p   20m   The Power of Accountability and “Chasing Bentley’s” Book Signing
Personal and Professional Accountability has the power to transform individuals and leadership teams. Accountability is a transformational catalyst that drives a solution focused roadmap for success. Join her at he close of the Sunday 12/15 sessions to "Meet the Author" for a book signing of Mellissa Burrow's new book "Chasing Bentley's" .
Melissa Burrow Author/ Executive Coach and Life Strategist |
5:05p   10m   Closing Announcements
MC: Eliana Raggio Director of Industry Relations | Digital Air Strike
Entertainment 5th Fairway Area Cocktails
5:15p   2h   Cocktail Reception 5th Fairway Hosted by WIA – Hot Air Balloon hosted by ACV Auctions – Entertainment by Dakota Music
Meal / Reception
Workshop Tracks:
Dealership Strategies & Tactics
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
Personal Development

Day 2 - December 16, 2019

7:00a   1h   Sunrise Gentle Yoga and Meditation
Gentle Yoga and Meditation 7am Desert Suites 1-2
Host: Linda Webb Founder | Amani Mind
Host: Brenda Niedermaier Blended Work Yoga and Digital, Traditional Marketing and dealership Business Development | Mills Motors, Canada
8:00a   45m   Breakfast
8:45a   15m   Welcome Day 2
MC: Eliana Raggio Director of Industry Relations | Digital Air Strike
9:00a   30m   Creating Your Tribe Keynote and Fireside Chat
This will talk about my personal journey of the last 10+ years. From a failed business partnership, to re-imagining myself and career, to learning to ask for help, to gaining a formal and many informal mentors, to getting back on top with a thriving career. From being nearly homeless to having a thriving career and the women, and some men, who have given me their hand and their time.
Jill Trotta Vice President (GM Industry), Sales, and Marketing | RepairPal
Moderator: Tammy Tecklenburg Principal Advisor | Tecklenburg Advisors / Women in AutoCare
9:30a   20m   From Transactions Economics to Customer Economics: What Retail Automotive Can Learn from Amazon to Drive Growth
Retail Automotive is quickly evolving and we must recognize some of our challenges in order to optimize our future success. Volume growth is flat and there is a continued pressure on new sale net margins. As dealers look to maintain or increase profits, they need to look beyond sales and into operations. There are very real profits and opportunities – both more important than sales – in fixed ops that is enabled by digitalization, automation, and a customer-centric approach. In this presentation, attendees will learn how to increase CSI by ~30points, while realizing hundreds of thousands in profit opportunity, beyond traditional sales.
Courtney White Director, Marketing and Communications | Dealerware
10:00a   45m  
Dealership Strategies & Tactics
Don’t Just Digitize, Humanize the Automotive Retail Experience
Join Eric Schlesinger in uncovering how to humanize the digital retailing process. Learn actionable ways to inject the human touch throughout the customer journey and transform the customer experience.
Eric Schlesinger VP of Sales | ActivEngage
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
Digital Dopamine: The Essential Ingredients to Create Marketing that Women will Crave.
See what creative companies are doing to win influencers. Learn how to deliver a unique experience. See what's trending with innovative companies and how they're successfully wooing female consumers.
April Rain CMO | Fox Dealer
Personal Development
Imposter Syndrome
No one believes, but everyone thinks that everyone believes" - We all have an inner voice that tells us we are not enough. However, we all feel this voice is unique to our individual subconscious. By recognizing that we share this insecurity in one shape or another empowers us to live up to our fullest potential.
Laura Black F&I Trainer | The Academy
How to Use Technology to Make Your Employees Happier (and Retain Them).
Don’t let competitors hire away your best people. Learn how to use technology to your advantage to encourage loyalty, retain employees, and make them feel more productive and happier in the process.
Erica Hansen Senior Director, Customer Success | Conversica
10:50a   45m  
Dealership Strategies & Tactics
A Cardi B guide to dominating digital at your dealership
A guide to key merchandising strategies you can implement on your website.
Maria Espinoza Director of Business Development and Major Accounts | Dealer eProcess
Joel Matteson Director of National Sales | Dealer eProcess
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
Culture is Key: Inspiring a Women Friendly Culture in Your Workplace.
This panel will draw on the experience of exceptional leaders at Del Grande Dealer Group who inspired and executed a women friendly culture at their dealership that sets them apart in the industry.
Moderator: Kerri Wise VP, Industry Education and Relations | TrueCar
Panelist: Laurie Johnson Vice President of Training | Del Grande Dealer Group
Panelist: Elwira Wilczynska Director of the DGDG Women's Network Buying Network and Group Sales Trainer | Del Grande Dealer Group
Panelist: Andrea Schulz Director of Team and Culture, | Del Grande Dealer Group
Panelist: Joanne Burgherr General Manager | Del Grande Dealer Group
Personal Development
How Personality Types Affect Change
If you are implementing a new program, application or strategy, learning how to tailor your message specific to your audience now may keep you from banging your head against the wall later.
Gabrielle Young Director of Marketing | Mighty Distributing Systems of America
Mentoring Mastermind
In this educational session you will learn how to implement a mentorship program at your dealership that’s inclusive of women and encourages professional development in order to elevate your culture.
Giorgia Favaretto-Illig Vice President of Marketing | automotiveMastermind
11:40a   45m  
Dealership Strategies & Tactics
Creating a Better Dealership Experience for ALL- from Dealers Who’ve Done It
Learn about new tools, technologies, and processes that lessen the waiting time and improve the financing process for all car buyers, not just those with great credit.
Erica Sietsma COO | Digital Airstrike
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
Recruiting in the New Age – How to Recruit and Hire More Women in a Male-Dominated Field.
Join two of ACV Auctions recruiters, Paige Marsteller and Gina Maisano for an interactive breakout session. They’ll be showing how to develop an inclusive workplace, while keeping a positive culture intact. In this 50 minute session, you’ll be leaving with more knowledge and hands-on tools to start or continue attracting more women in a male-dominated industry.
Paige Masteller Lead Recruiter | ACV Auctions
Gina Maisano Recruiter | ACV Auctions
Personal Development
Breaking Out of the Box
All of our lives we have been put into a box by others. Learn how changing the conversation allows you to take control of your future and break out of the box.
Dara Moore Certified Life Coach | Changing Your Conversation
Dealership Culture: Uncovering, Evolving, Resolving Bias
Women in Fixed Operations position, Service Advisor, Service Manager or Parts Manager-are we held to the same expectations as our male counterparts. What are the differences? Are they fair? Can we meet or exceed those expectations? What can we do collectively to mitigate those different expectations? What can I do individually to work through those expectations?
Kathryn Kittel Manager-Consulting-Customer Success | CDK Global
12:25p   1h  
1:25p   40m   Speed Networking
Host: Eliana Raggio Director of Industry Relations | Digital Air Strike
Host: Robin Wilson CEO | SCP AGENCY
Dealer Panel
2:10p   40m   Dealer Panel: Women Leading Women
Encouraging women to mentor other women. Eve covers why mentoring is so important to professional development of other women.
Moderator: Eve Knudtsen Dealer Principal and GM Women’s Dealer Advisory Council Member-Western Region | Knudtsen Chevrolet
Panelist: Julie Kimes Marketing Director | ODaniel Automotive Group
Panelist: Cherie Watters CFO/COO | O’Gara Coach Companies
Panelist: Sandra Marchetti Senior Finance Manager | Georgetown Kia, CarNation Canada
Panelist: Deanna Reynolds General Sales Manager | Team Mazda El Cajon
2:50p   10m   Keiser University Scholarship
3:00p   20m   Cross-channel Optimization
Cross channel focus in all aspects of media planning and media execution is the key to your digital marketing success.
Upasna Sharma Director of Customer Success | Knorex
Keynote / Fireside
3:20p   20m   Women in Automotive Board Fireside Chat & Honorable Awards Mention
Meet three of our Women in Automotive board members, get some updates about the Women in Automotive, learn more about what's happening in their careers and what is driving their success.
Moderator: Scotty Reiss Founder | A Girls Guide To Cars
Kerri Wise VP, Industry Education and Relations | TrueCar
Kathy Gilbert Director of Customer Success | CDK Global, Inc
3:40p   20m   Empower your Employees and Increase Retention through Employee-Ownership and Diversity
Tired of turnover? Empower your employees to think like owners! NCM Associates’ President & CEO, Paul Faletti, Jr., will teach guests to increase retention through employee-ownership and diversity.
Paul Faletti, Jr. President & CEO | NCM Associates
4:00p   10m   NCM Scholarship Award
Skye Nguyen Marketing & Communications Director | NCM Associates, Inc.
4:10p   20m   Building a Lasting Brand
Branding is vital in today’s new marketplace. Learn how to conduct a brand audit, define meaningful PODs, and release the power of a strong brand position onto all your marketing and sales efforts.
Kathy Cunningham Founder & President | Advanced Marketing Strategies
4:30p   20m   Power of Intention
From the resume and LinkedIn profile that lands you the interview to navigating the workplace as a 20-something, learn how to get your career on track and keep it moving upwards.
Dr. Renee Matthews CEO of MEGA LLC | Ask Dr. Renee
Closing Remarks
4:50p   10m   Closing Announcements
MC: Eliana Raggio Director of Industry Relations | Digital Air Strike