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Dealership Strategies:
Fiesta 6
Trends for Women:
Fiesta 7
Personal Development:
Fiesta 8

December 9, 2017

Welcome Reception – Offsite

5:10p - 7:10p  

Welcome Reception – Offsite| 5:10p - 7:10p

Welcome Reception – Sponsored by DealerSocket
Meet and Greet open to all conference attendees! Start your networking, make new friends and meet the WIA Board at the beautiful ACQUA California Bistro at THE RIVER Rancho Mirage.

December 10, 2017

Yoga Class

6:40a - 7:25a  

Yoga Class| 6:40a - 7:25a

Sunrise Yoga with Omni Rancho Las Palmas Spa – Sponsored by Lotlinx
*Space is limited to the first 30 attendees, register online. Hosted on Rancho Las Palmas Lawn.

8:10a - 8:55a  

Breakfast| 8:10a - 8:55a

Breakfast – Fiesta Ballroom

8:55a - 9:10a  

Networking| 8:55a - 9:10a

Speed Networking
Sponsor: eMentor Connect
Moderator: Subi Ghosh Senior Director of Dealer Strategy | Stream Companies

9:10a - 9:20a  

Welcome| 9:10a - 9:20a

Kickoff with Bob Smith, Executive Director of the Greater Los Angeles New Car Dealers Association
Host: Bob Smith Executive Director | Greater Los Angeles New Car Dealers Association
WIA Board and Emcees
MC: Eliana Raggio Director of Industry Relations | Digital Air Strike
MC: Charlie Vogelheim Principal | Vogelheim Ventures
Opening Keynote

9:20a - 9:50a  

Opening Keynote| 9:20a - 9:50a

The Power of a Growth Mindset
To advance with the rapid progression of technology and our ever-changing world, industries, businesses, and individuals must adapt a growth mindset to drive development, empowerment, and innovation. In this session, Cynthia Hiskes, Chief Human Resources officer will discuss how to challenge what you know about the automotive industry, your business, and most importantly yourself to keep pace with the world around us. She will share how continued development through a growth mindset can move the industry forward, create a more innovative business, and a richer sense of self.
Cynthia Hiskes Chief People Officer |

9:55a - 10:25a  

Keynote| 9:55a - 10:25a

Consumer Behavior and the Future of Automotive
Melody Lee Global Director, BOOK by Cadillac | Cadillac
Keynote Award

10:25a - 10:35a  

Keynote Award| 10:25a - 10:35a

WAAI Lorraine Schultz Spirit of Leadership Award

10:35a - 10:55a  

Keynote| 10:35a - 10:55a

A Journey Down the Rabbit Hole into Wonderland: Leadership, Management & Company Culture
Arnold will have the audience participate in exercise that will blow minds 🙂
Arnold Tijerina President & Corporate Storyteller | Storytailer

10:55a - 11:05a  

Break| 10:55a - 11:05a

Women@Google – YouTube Video BreakCoffee Break – Sponsored By Google
Workshop 1

11:05a - 11:50a  

Workshop 1| 11:05a - 11:50a

Dealership Strategies & Tactics
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
Personal Development
Dealership Strategies & Tactics
Customer Loyalty – Keep Them Coming Back for More!
Customers are our greatest assets and building customer loyalty is much more than a frequent flyer proposition. Prices can be matched, special offers are duplicated, and inventory can be adjusted so loyalty will not be built on the products or services we offer. We must build a genuine sense of trust, belonging and purpose with every customer. Who we are and how we treat our customers will instill a sense of loyalty.
Susan Lane Director of Public Relations & Community Engagement | Hoffman Auto Group
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
What Women Want: A collaborative session on changing how we communicate to The Decision Maker; the Woman
In this interactive and informative session, Katie will share her particle experiences as a female C-Suite Executive and Customer Experience Expert. Educating the audience on the impact women have on the car buying decision and how to use this information to change the way you deliver the Consumer Brand Experience in the dealership in order to positively affect your key CSI metrics. She will also provide the audience with five applicable takeaways to tailor your Consumer Brand Experience to the women car buyer.
Katie Mares Founder, CEO | Katie Mares Consulting Inc.
Personal Development
Don’t Look Back, It’s No Longer An Option
In this thought provoking breakout, Renee will focus on personal development and cover the dangers of defining yourself using socially acceptable labels. She’ll educate you on the importance of identifying your unique characteristics to maximize your potential. You will learn key factors for effective professional positioning and the magnitude of keeping personal promises; setting action commitments guaranteed to get YOU what YOU want.
Renee Stuart, PCC Manager, Sales Effectiveness | Retail Solutions, Cox Automotive
Andrea Schliessman Sr. Director of Training and Development | AutoNation
Arleyne Bishop Customer Care Director | AutoNation
Erika Hudson Region Human Resources Director (Western) | AutoNation
Tania Santos Customer Care Training Manager | AutoNation
Jessica Morejon General Manager | BMW of Vista

11:50a - 11:55a  

Break| 11:50a - 11:55a

Session Break
Workshop 2

11:55a - 12:40p  

Workshop 2| 11:55a - 12:40p

Dealership Strategies & Tactics
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
Personal Development
Dealership Strategies & Tactics
The Habits of Highly Successful Dealers
Today’s car buyer wants to maintain control of the process, using information and technology to help them with each decision. At the same time, dealers want to maintain control in order to protect their profitability and bottom line. Using a recent study of the most successful dealers, this session will share with you the tactics and strategies that help these dealers achieve close rates that are twice as high as their local competition.
Kerri Wise VP, Industry Education and Relations | TrueCar
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
Women Buyers – Get the Playbook
Women are a veritable powerhouse when it comes to the automotive landscape. Not only do they influence up to 80% of car buying decisions, but they tend to be more loyal. These stats beg the question: why haven’t we done a better job engaging women during and after their decision to purchase? In this can’t-miss session Natalie Born, VP of Product, will share Client Command’s own unique data that shows how to create powerful 1-to-1 micro-marketing journeys. Learn what messages and offers most effectively target females and compel them to act.
Natalie Born Vice President of Product | Client Command
Personal Development
“Don’t Tell Me No”
When I received my first “NO” after graduating at the top of my Automotive Training Sales Class, it was “success delayed, not denied”. Wadette will share proven tips to build the confidence to follow your passions and develop your personal road map to achieve your career goals. This workshop will provide tools to help attendees understand that the “No”s will come, but they can navigate the automotive industry with confidence and tenacity.
Inspiring a Positive Culture: Become an M.V.P.
To provide knowledge, ideas and assess awareness to inspire a more positive culture encouraging MVP (Mission, Values, Priorities) Champions to attract and retain diversity with women & millennials.
Martha E. Rader Program Director Business & MBA | Keiser University & Rader Coaching, Training & Consulting

12:40p - 1:40p  

Lunch| 12:40p - 1:40p

Lunch Sponsored by Cox Automotive

1:40p - 2:10p  

Keynote| 1:40p - 2:10p

Be “Berry” Inspired
Shari educates and inspires through her story of creating a national brand with $1,500 and a vision. You’ll be empowered with the confidence for sweet success inside the male-dominated auto industry.
Shari Fitzpatrick Founder | Shari's Berries

2:10p - 2:40p  

Keynote| 2:10p - 2:40p

Leadership & Accountability: Stronger – Faster – More Profitable ‘NOW’!
Empower, Align and Delegate to Elevate your team to accomplish your MUST-ACHIEVE Daily – Weekly – Monthly – Annual profit and performance requirements……clone-able and scale-able Leadership and Empowerment Process from the #1 Highest Sales Volume eDealer Group in North America.
Erich K. Gail Chief Executive Officer | Cardinale Group of Companies

2:40p - 2:50p  

Break| 2:40p - 2:50p

Women@Google – YouTube Video Break
Roundtable Networking

2:50p - 3:20p  

Roundtable Networking| 2:50p - 3:20p

Roundtable Networking Session
Super Session 1

3:20p - 3:50p  

Super Session 1| 3:20p - 3:50p

Dealership Strategies & Tactics
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
Personal Development
Dealership Strategies & Tactics
Now That You Got ‘em, How You Gonna Keep ‘em?
Onboarding is critical in the sense that we want to make sure that the new employer connects with the AutoNation team, that they understand the commitment that they are making, and also the promise the company is making back to them.
Katy Wolda Director of Training & Development, Customer Care | AutoNation
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
The Secret Sauce of Successful Marketing—Who Doesn’t Love a Great Recipe?
Position yourself for success, connect with customers, understand how to build and drive a marketing strategy, and discover the tools to build personal and corporate success. Learn the best practices of leading brands, and the philosophies and strategies that you can use to craft your own secret sauce.
Scotty Reiss Founder | A Girls Guide To Cars
Personal Development
Mentor, Sponsor or Coach? Understanding the Differences, Identifying and Initiating the Right Relationship for You!
This session will take participants through two active exercises: clarifying the differences between a sponsor, mentor and coach and then, developing your elevator mantra. How will you initiate your conversation with the person that you identify? Imagine you are in the elevator and they step in, the only other person in the elevator with you. You have 6 seconds to act and to deliver your interest in having a first conversation with them. What would you say?
Erikka Smith Sales Manager | Jim Ellis Audi
The Future of the Car Business – Innovate Before It’s Too Late
Christy Roman President | NOW Digital
Super Session 2

3:50p - 4:20p  

Super Session 2| 3:50p - 4:20p

Dealership Strategies & Tactics
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
Personal Development
Dealership Strategies & Tactics
Human Capital Management
Like many industries, the automotive industry is for the people and by the people. For many years, our industry has been the driving force for innovation and growth.
Jason Volny National Training Manager | Driving Sales
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
Dealer Panel: How We Speak to Women Buyers
Hear from some creative dealers who have deployed innovative strategies to attract female buyers.
Eve Knudtsen Dealer Principal and GM Women’s Dealer Advisory Council Member-Western Region | Knudtsen Chevrolet
Judith Schumacher-Tilton President | Schumacher Chevrolet Auto Group
Panelist: Cherie Watters CFO/COO | O’Gara Coach Companies
Personal Development
Wallet Wise
Session will focus on all aspects of financial education throughout all phases of life. How to introduce financial terms to young children, the importance of budgeting and establishing good credit, and how this impacts the auto buying process.
Kathy Ruble Executive Director of Marketing | Ally Bank
Panel: A Leadership Discussion
Christy Roman President | NOW Digital
Lisa Copeland CEO/Founder | Cars Her way
Breanna Fisher | Hireology

4:20p - 4:30p  

Break| 4:20p - 4:30p

Refreshments Sponsored by Allstate Dealer Services

4:30p - 5:00p  

Keynote| 4:30p - 5:00p

Navigating the Path to Leadership
Leadership is more than just a position or title. It is a behavior that manifests not only in the workforce but extends into everyday life. So how can you navigate your journey to being an effective business leader starting now?
Sejal Pietrzak President & CEO | DealerSocket

5:00p - 5:30p  

Keynote| 5:00p - 5:30p

Because Mom Said So
Join me to experience how you can change your atmosphere to one of giving vs. getting to obtain better profits, CSI, & employee satisfaction! Flip your Org Chart upside down!
Evelyn Chatel Co-Owner / General Manager | Freedom Auto Group

5:30p - 6:00p  

Keynote| 5:30p - 6:00p

Do One Thing Different Today – “Dealer Rehab”
Life inside any dealership is challenging. Many of us spend an immense amount of time trying to lead, set process or cultural tones in the store and more often than not, the exercise can end in frustration and chaos. Has your store hit its bottom? Does it seem like certain hurdles with staff or culture will never resolve? Are we stepping back and taking an honest look at how WE can truly affect change in our organizations?
Brent Wees Director of First Impressions | Nextup
Thanks / Closing Remarks

6:00p - 6:10p  

Thanks / Closing Remarks| 6:00p - 6:10p

WIA Board and Emcees
MC: Eliana Raggio Director of Industry Relations | Digital Air Strike
MC: Charlie Vogelheim Principal | Vogelheim Ventures
Entertainment / Cocktails

6:10p - 8:10p  

Entertainment / Cocktails| 6:10p - 8:10p

“Berried in Chocolate” Reception
Host: Shari Fitzpatrick Founder | Shari's Berries
Dinner With the Board

7:40p - 9:40p  

Dinner With the Board| 7:40p - 9:40p

Dinner with the Women in Automotive Board
Join us for the unique opportunity to meet with and enjoy a private dinner with the Women in Automotive Board Members. Dinner will begin at 7:30 at PF Changs at THE RIVER Rancho Mirage. *Space is limited, register online.

December 11, 2017

Breakfast & Networking

8:10a - 8:55a  

Breakfast & Networking| 8:10a - 8:55a

Breakfast – Sponsored by Hyundai

8:55a - 9:05a  

Welcome| 8:55a - 9:05a

WIA Board and Emcees
MC: Eliana Raggio Director of Industry Relations | Digital Air Strike
MC: Charlie Vogelheim Principal | Vogelheim Ventures

9:05a - 9:35a  

Keynote| 9:05a - 9:35a

Life is Choices | The Power of Authenticity
Join Stephanie as she shares the experiences and moments that have shaped her into leader she is today. She will share how transparency and personal sharing is not only good for company culture, but also good for business, as it gives people the power to both build community and make connections in meaningful ways, giving examples from her career in Automotive.
Stephanie Latham Director of US Automotive | Facebook

9:40a - 10:10a  

Keynote| 9:40a - 10:10a

Take Control of Your Money and Your Life
Sharon reveals the key steps to becoming a master of your money, identifies fears that hold us back from reaching our maximum potential, and debunks the work life balance myth that drives the guilt cycle for many women.
Sharon Lechter Founder & CEO | Pay Your Family First
Keynote Award

10:10a - 10:20a  

Keynote Award| 10:10a - 10:20a

Keiser University Flagship Campus Scholarship Award
Host: Martha E. Rader Program Director Business & MBA | Keiser University & Rader Coaching, Training & Consulting

10:20a - 10:50a  

Keynote| 10:20a - 10:50a

Leading Against the Grain
Leaders make decisions every day. You can choose to lead the way you’ve been taught to lead or you can lead against the grain. The choice is yours.
David Regn Co-Founder | Stream Companies
Keynote Award

10:50a - 11:00a  

Keynote Award| 10:50a - 11:00a

NCM Scholarship Award
Skye Nguyen Marketing & Communications Director | NCM Associates, Inc.

11:00a - 11:10a  

Break| 11:00a - 11:10a

Women@Google – YouTube Video BreakCoffee Break – Sponsored By Google
Workshop 1

11:10a - 11:55a  

Workshop 1| 11:10a - 11:55a

Dealership Strategies & Tactics
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
Personal Development
Dealership Strategies & Tactics
4 Essentials of Auto Retail Digital Transformation
Technology-driven experiences are replacing the traditional “bricks and mortar." How can dealers transform operations to remain competitive and evolve with shifting consumer expectations?
Kathi Kruse Founder | Kruse Control, Inc.
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
Three Strategies to Increase Sales to Women
Anne Fleming and Subi Ghosh are part of the management team that powers, the car dealer review site for women. With women buying 45% of all vehicles, this presentation offers over 12 recommendations in 3 areas that dealers can easily implement to increase top-line sales and gross profits: 1. Web & Digital Experience 2. In Store Experience . 3. Brand Experience
Anne Fleming President & CEO |
Subi Ghosh Senior Director of Dealer Strategy | Stream Companies
Personal Development
It Is What It Is- Making the Most of a Difficult Situation Can Improve Personal Growth
During this session, Claire will dive in to her own personal growth story regarding marriage, family, becoming the Vice President of a company, and running her own public relations business at the same time. Making the most out of a difficult situation has become her mantra over the last few years, and during this presentation she will provide three key points to help you grow both professionally and personally. When life gives you lemons... you have to learn how to juggle them before making lemonade.
Claire Calhoun Vice President of Sales and Marketing | Colors on Parade
Can Leadership Be Taught? I think so but……
Successful dealerships and companies are headed by those we call great Leaders. There has always been a struggle to understand if leaders are born or can someone be taught how to lead. Glenn will discuss what traits make a good leader, how you can improve your leadership skills and identify leaders in your organization so your store or business can maximize their efforts.
Glenn Pasch CEO- Partner | PCG Companies

11:55a - 12:55p  

Lunch| 11:55a - 12:55p

Lunch & Networking – Sponsored by NOW Digital

12:55p - 1:25p  

Keynote| 12:55p - 1:25p

When Women Get Together, Great Things Happen
The Women@Hyundai Employee Resource Group has been very active in promoting women in automotive and this panel discussion will share the insight we've gathered as we've informed, explored, engaged and reached out to support, empower and elevate women.
Moderator: Jody DeVere CEO |
Panelist: Tiffany Stroupe Sr. Manager, Planning & Integration | Hyundai Motor America
Panelist: Debby Becket Manager, Benefits | Hyundai Motor America
Panelist: Natalya Edwards Manager, Advanced Product Strategy | Hyundai Motor America

1:25p - 1:55p  

Keynote| 1:25p - 1:55p

A Cause for Marketing
Ryan will be discussing his personal experience with a cause that will inspire and move the audience
Ryan Leslie Director of Strategic Partnerships | Automotive Mastermind

1:55p - 2:05p  

Break| 1:55p - 2:05p

Women@Google – YouTube Video BreakRefreshments Sponsored by Auto Careers Online
Workshop 2

2:05p - 2:50p  

Workshop 2| 2:05p - 2:50p

Dealership Strategies & Tactics
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
Personal Development
Dealership Strategies & Tactics
Are You There God? It’s Me, Kevin
My goal is to educate and inspire our audience to respond to the threat our industry faces today with disruption of the traditional retail model. We must ALL, dealers & vendors, men & women, work together as a team to disrupt ourselves & be best prepared for our future.
Kevin Frye eCommerce Director | Jeff Wyler Automotive Family
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
Know Your Animal: Marketing and Leadership Excellence using your Personality and Communication Profile
Shaun Raines Vice President of Business Development | DealerOn
Personal Development
Leveraging LinkedIn – The Most Underestimated Sales Tool
Ready to optimize your LinkedIn profile, build your network, & post for engagement? This session has it all. It’s time to warm up your sales leads, & increase your effectiveness with LinkedIn!
Logan Keirstead Director of National Sales | Accu-Trade
THE Leadership Formula for the Next 100 Years
With rapid advances in technology, accelerating change in the market place, and an expanding competitive landscape having a winning formula for success has never been more critical Eric Brown Lotlinx President will present a simple and literal formula that keeps leaders focused on what is important and critical for any organization to compete today and prepared for what’s next.
Eric Brown President | Lotlinx

2:50p - 2:55p  

Break| 2:50p - 2:55p

Session Break
Workshop 3

2:55p - 3:40p  

Workshop 3| 2:55p - 3:40p

Dealership Strategies & Tactics
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
Personal Development
Dealership Strategies & Tactics
Marketing Strategies That Actually Sell Cars: Making an Impact with Your Digital Footprint.
You’ll learn the essential strategies that focus your resources on highly valuable in-market consumers that we call “now buyers.” Our actionable methods allow you to make decisions based on data that have the promise of greater return on investment by actually producing more car sales.
Lauren Dalton Marketing Consultant | Reunion Marketing
Chelsea Nodine SEO Strategy Manager | Reunion Marketing
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
If She had a Choice, Would She Buy from You?
This session will reveal how Dealerships can maneuver a complex market segment by providing the tools to customize the dealership experience to women, and then to everybody else.
Elgie Bright Automotive Marketing Chair | Northwood University
Personal Development
The Science of The Sale
My Y.E.S. process has proven universal regardless if someone is selling a car, a product, a service or themselves. This workshop will show the basics of my process they can use in their current position and help move them forward.
Tony Dupaquier Director | The Academy
Face It: 3 Powerful Strategies for Overcoming Difficulties
In this session you’ll learn about my efforts to build resilience that focused on growth rather than challenges. We’ll examine the difficulties many of us face, how you can effectively tackle them, and the benefit this will have on you and your organization. Key Takeaways: identify three strategies to develop powerful resilience, learn how to engage your own creativity to overcome challenges, strengthen your resolve to achieve without getting off track.
Laura Madison Vice President, Sales and Training | Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions

3:40p - 3:45p  

Break| 3:40p - 3:45p

Session Break
Workshop 4

3:45p - 4:25p  

Workshop 4| 3:45p - 4:25p

Dealership Strategies & Tactics
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
Personal Development
Dealership Strategies & Tactics
Elevating Your Customer’s Experience Through the Personal Touch of Video
Let's face it - the inbox is a noisy place. In this session Elise will be diving into how to create a better experience for your clients with the power of personal video email. Whether you are used to being on camera or are camera shy you will not want to miss this session where she will dive into how to grab 80% of your clients attention. Sales has evolved - have you started showing your clients that you are ready to put them first?
Elise Kephart “The YouTube Diva” | The Elise Kephart Experience
Trends for Women: Selling, Marketing, Employment
Female Voices of YouTube
Watch the most popular and inspirational women-focused videos on YouTube to explore what women want in the videos we love.
Kelly McNearney Senior Auto Retail Strategist | Google
Personal Development
Changing Mindsets: Becoming a Positive Mirror
Finding and identifying peers who encourage success seems easy and natural for men, but…women…not so much. Instead, we often struggle – unnecessarily - in solitude with destructive mental talk tracks that can hold our professional and personal lives back. Let’s make a change!
Jenny Vance Executive VP Sales | PERQ
Learn to Lead: Guaranteed to Succeed
In his inspiring and interactive presentation, Richard J. Bryan empowers audience members to become true leaders by giving them the tools they need to create a culture of success in their dealership. Richard will share the lessons he learned while working alongside his mentor, Frank. Together they brought Richard’s $120 million family dealership back from the brink of financial ruin transforming it into a commercial and financial success.
Richard Bryan Owner | A-Player Leadership

4:30p - 5:00p  

Keynote| 4:30p - 5:00p

Drive. It’s Your Rally.
Are you driving your journey? Your career? Your life? From the driver’s seat, there is no better metaphor for success.
Emily Miller President | Soulside Network

5:05p - 5:35p  

Keynote| 5:05p - 5:35p

If You Don’t Lke Something, Change it – My Journey Navigating the Automotive Industry
It is my life’s joy to work in an industry that creates so many job opportunities across this great country. It is my hope that more and more women will join the automotive industry in a multitude of capacities so we can have a better representation, equal pay and role models for our young women of the future. With more women knowing about the available opportunities we can make a greater impact in changing the mindset of the stereotype that it’s a man’s business and set the bar as high as we choose.
Carolyn Olavarria General Manager | Honda of Downtown Los Angeles
Closing Remarks

5:35p - 5:45p  

Closing Remarks| 5:35p - 5:45p

WiA Board / Emcees – Sponsors Thanks, Attendee Thanks, Next Conference & Dates for Orlando 2018